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How To Treat Sprain Injuries

Sprains occur when the fibers of a ligament tear – either partially or completely. Sprained ligaments often swell rapidly and can be very painful. The greater the swelling and pain, the more severe a sprain is likely to be.
To treat mild to moderate sprains at home, use the RICE method:
REST the injured area and avoid putting too much stress or weight on it within the first 48-72 hours
ICE the area with a cold pack intermittently to reduce swelling and pain
COMPRESS the area with an elastic bandage
ELEVATE the injured limb above your heart to limit swelling
As swelling and pain improve, gently begin to use the injured area. Over-the-counter pain medications are helpful in recovery. Restoring strength and mobility to the area before engaging in fitness or sports activities is important – consider seeing a physical therapist or sports medicine provider.
Seek emergency medical care if you are unable to bear weight on the injured limb or can’t use a joint, develop redness or streaks around the area, or have pain directly over the bones of an injured joint.

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