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5 Reasons Why SAVE is The Right Safety Training For You

CPR First Aid Training

While violent emergencies and mass shootings are unpredictable– advanced safety training can help minimize damage, reduce costs, and most importantly, save lives. Many decisions have to be made in a quick span of time. Having an idea of how things could unfold, where to go, what to do, and how to communicate within a group can make a critical difference.

There are lots of life-saving training options like CPR, first aid, and self-defense. What sets IAHB’s Surviving Active Violence & Emergencies training apart is its personalized education and empowerment-focused approach. The lessons are not generalized do’s and don’ts that anyone can look up online or watch a video for. They are also not fear-mongering and only accessible to people with experience in self-defense. Instead, they are custom-made courses for each specific group that focus on preparedness for the everyday person caught in a crisis.

Here’s a breakdown of the active violence training program’s unique features:

Expert Trainers

All SAVE classes are taught by individuals with extensive experience. In A Heartbeat’s instructors are a combination of first responders and ex-law enforcement with real-life experience in active violence emergencies and mass shootings. They use their accumulated firsthand knowledge to help other people keep themselves safe. The experiences of our instructors encountering dangerous situations and their compassion for their students makes our SAVE courses a unique place to learn tangible survival skills.

Tailored Instruction

Our expert trainers know that not all active violence incidents or mass shootings are the same and therefore there is no cookie-cutter response. This is why our SAVE classes take a personalized approach based on the specific group. Potential trigger situations, location, layout, demographics, and other unique factors are put into consideration when creating a response system for every group of students.

Group Preparation

Unlike the movies, no hero will come to save everyone from emergencies. SAVE instructors teach students to become heroes for themselves, their colleagues, students, fellow churchgoers, friends, and loved ones. SAVE training focuses on the collective preparation of your group. It is much more helpful to have everyone be action-oriented and so the goal is for everyone to feel empowered to confidently and collectively respond to active violence emergencies.

In the event of an active shooting emergency, one person who’s quick to think and act may effectively get themselves out of the situation. They may want to save everybody but they’re outnumbered by people who may be panicking or frozen. If everyone knows what to do in an emergency– cooperation, communication, and confidence increase.


Our training emphasizes the positive impact of communicating within a group during a crisis. During our classes, we create scenarios in which groups need to learn to communicate well and we also provide tips for how to make that communication as effective as possible. An efficient exchange of information is crucial in emergency situations because when an emergency happens, it is imperative that members of a group know how to alert others in the vicinity without the assailant knowing. Our expert coaches are able to offer insights to students from their real-life experiences in violent emergencies or mass shootings.

Warning Signs and Post Care

We prepare you for every stage of a potential emergency, from the early signs to the arrival of law enforcement. Depending on the nature of the location and the community, warning signs and threats vary immensely. Our SAVE instructors familiarize themselves with your unique situation and educate you on the potential signs of danger specific to your group. SAVE teaches you the significance of spatial awareness no matter where you are. For example, in medical settings, healthcare workers should be cautious with mentally unstable patients; night shift workers should be vigilant while outside; service workers should be aware of frustrated customers. We provide a custom analysis of what possible signs to look out for in your workplace, community, place of worship, school, or business.

While SAVE teaches you how to detect possible dangers, it also prepares you on what to do after the perpetrator is detained and when law enforcement arrives. We also talk about the aftermath of these kinds of tragedies and are happy to answer questions on coping mechanisms or any other concerns.

Ready to get trained?

With the primary goal of keeping everyone safer, In A Heartbeat has created SAVE to be as helpful as possible to the average person in emergencies. Through an individualized approach, SAVE can help increase your group’s chances of survival and provide your group members with skills and confidence. Contact us at https://inaheartbeatllc.com/contact/ to sign up for a SAVE class.



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